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Enhanced Score Report

Focus Your Future Study, Preparation, and Test-Taking Strategies

You just received your GMAT exam score and now you're wondering what's behind the numbers. What do they mean? How do you know how you really performed? The GMAT Enhanced Score Report is a detailed analysis of your performance on the GMAT exam.

You will receive personal insights by question type, area of focus, and pacing,  which will provide you with actionable information to help you better understand your performance and speak more authoritatively about your skills. Whatever decision or direction you decide to take, you will benefit from understanding how you performed, how you ranked, and how you managed your time for each question type.

The bottom line is that your GMAT Enhanced Score Report gives you control over your performance and its impact on your applications and business school experience.

Your GMAT Enhanced Score Report contains:

  • Overall section performance ranking.
  • Tables that show performance as you progressed through the verbal and quantitative sections.
  • Performance ranking by question type.
  • Time management section.
  • Percentage of questions answered correctly.
  • Ability to benchmark against other test takers from the past three years.
  • Customized summary report for each section that assesses strengths and weaknesses.
  • Average difficulty per question showing how well you performed on more difficult questions.
  • Help section with information about how to read each tab and other frequently asked questions.

View a Sample GMAT Enhanced Score Report >

When looking at the sample GMAT Enhanced Score Report, view the “ESR Guide” tab to learn about how to navigate the report, gain insights, and use the information to guide future preparation.

How to Get Your Enhanced Score Report

You may purchase an Enhanced Score Report from the mba.com store before or after your exam.

The GMAT Enhanced Score Report is delivered within 24 hours of your purchase, but may take up to 72 hours to be available. Once the Enhanced Score Report is available, you will receive a confirmation email with the activation code included. You will have access to your Enhanced Score Report for five years from purchase.

Note the following about your Enhanced Score Report:

  • Your Enhanced Score Report is NOT your Official Score Report. It is a tool for you to understand insights on your exam performance.
  • The Enhanced Score Report is available to those who have taken the exam after October 1, 2013, for five years after your exam date.
  • You will not see data from your Analytical Writing Section on the Enhanced Score Report. The Enhanced Score Report uses your Unofficial Score Report to draw insights.
  • If you canceled your score for your exam, your Enhanced Score Report will still be available. Your Enhanced Score Report is not available, however, when the score was canceled due to a policy violation.

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