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MBA Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

What’s the return on investment of an MBA? Earning your MBA can add tremendous value to your career in several ways, including building in-demand skills, expanding your network, and opening doors to new career opportunities. But at the end of the day, you want to be sure your investment of time and tuition will pay off monetarily.

MBA ROI Calculator

With our MBA ROI Calculator, you can play out your earning scenarios with and without an MBA and see for yourself how an MBA is a smart investment in your career development.

Based on your responses to just a few quick questions, our calculator can estimate your total MBA investment, initial boost in salary, time to recoup your investment, and your ROI 10 years in the future. You’ll even see a graph that plots your earning potential with an MBA versus without. Try it out and envision yourself taking a giant leap forward in your career with an MBA.


Disclaimer: This tool is intended for illustrative purposes only and provides a general estimate of the Return on Investment (“ROI”) for an MBA program based upon data inputted by a user. The actual ROI may be different. GMAC makes no guarantees or warranties regarding any outcomes or salary with or without an MBA.