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Guide to GMAT™ Exam Prep Materials

Practice with Real GMAT Exam Questions

The GMAT Official Practice Test Starter Kit and Exams 1& 2 contains official practice questions and two full-length practice tests. It is free to registered users of mba.com. As with all official practice materials, all of the questions are from past GMAT exams and the practice tests use the same scoring algorithm as the actual GMAT exam, so you can study with confidence knowing what the GMAT exam is really like.

The GMAT Official Practice Test Starter Kit and Exams 1 & 2 helps you study more effectively by providing:

  • Practice with two full-length, computer-adaptive practice GMAT exams with answers (answer explanations not included). Logging hours doesn’t guarantee a higher score, but those who score higher tend to have spent more time studying.*
  • An additional 90 free questions – 30 Quantitative, 45 Verbal, 15 Integrated Reasoning – with answers and explanations.
  • Ability to work on your pacing. Use the time tools to monitor your pace and compare it with the pace you’ll need to finish the exam on time.
  • Customizable practice sets. Choose the type, difficulty level, and number of questions you want to answer to target your ability level.
  • Opportunities to learn from your mistakes. Review your responses to practice exams and questions sessions to understand the reasoning behind the questions and evaluate your areas of weakness.
  • Ways to evaluate your performance. Use the three progress reports to see your percentage correct, analyze your results by question type and difficulty and check your pacing.
  • Access to additional questions or exams that instantly appear in your software following purchase additional questions or exams that instantly appear in your software following purchase, extending the usefulness of your GMAT Official Practice Test.
  • Option to choose the order of your sections on your practice exams – just like on test day – to see which order results in your best performance.

*GMAC (2016) mba.com Prospective Student Survey

Visit the mba.com Store to Enhance Your GMAT Exam Preparation

Everything you need to polish your skills to perform your best on the GMAT exam is available in the mba.com store. Here are some of the Official GMAT exam materials to help you get the most out of your study time:

  • GMAT Official Guides
    • The GMAT Official Guide series are the ONLY study guides that feature real questions from past GMAT exams, offered exclusively from the makers of the exam. With over 1,400 practice questions and answer explanations from real exams, the GMAT Official Guides are the essential GMAT exam study tool.
  • GMAT Official Practice Exam Packs
    • GMAT Official  Exam Packs 3-6  integrate seamlessly integrate seamlessly with the GMAT Practice Starter Kit and Exams 1 & 2. Extend your preparation with two full-length computer adaptive practice tests* with answers. You will receive a more detailed score report that digs deeper into your performance on the Quantitative, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning sections. These results will help you customize your preparation efforts.
  • Other Official GMAT Official Prep Tools

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If test centers are closed in your area due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consider taking the GMAT Online Exam, an interim, proctored exam that you can take in the comfort of your home.