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If GMAC™ Cancels Your Score

Why GMAC Might Cancel Your Scores

We establish rigorous test policies and procedures with our partner Pearson VUE to administer the GMAT exam with two goals in mind:

  1. Give you and all other test takers comparable opportunities to demonstrate your abilities
  2. Prevent anyone from gaining an unfair advantage over others

Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel or withhold any test scores when in the judgment of the test administrator, a testing issue occurs, there is a Serious Policy Violation, or the scores are believed to be invalid for any other reason.

Please be aware that often, services and individuals purporting to help candidates attain high scores through improper means are scams that cheat and extort candidates out of their money. We are constantly on the lookout for these types of behaviors and we encourage test takers to notify us of any security concerns or suspicions of cheating per the contact information here.

How Will I Know if my Scores are Cancelled by GMAC?

If we cancel your score for either a testing issue or a policy violation, you will see one of the following reason codes on your score report:

Reason Code


Given When



Testing Issue

  • Administrative errors
  • Registration or payment errors
  • Inadvertent access to or disclosure of test content
  • Disruptions at the test center that were out of your control
  • Other testing circumstances leading to the questionable validity of scores

Score withheld or canceled; noted on the Official Score Reports for five years


Policy Violation

You committed a policy violation

Score withheld or canceled; noted on the Official Score Reports for five years; schools may be notified


Serious Policy Violation

You committed a serious policy violation

Score cancellation; schools notified; noted on the Official Score Reports for five years; possible ban on future testing and other legal remedies.

Testing Issues – “T”

Scores are withheld or canceled for reason code “T” (Testing Issue) when a testing irregularity occurs. Testing irregularities refer to events that affect the administration of a test. When testing irregularities occur, they may affect you or multiple test takers.

Note that in some instances, we may cancel your scores even if we cannot confirm your direct involvement in the violation. This includes any incident or pattern that causes us to question the validity of your scores, such as:

  • Possible exposure (purposeful or accidental) you may have had to test content
  • Unusual answer patterns
  • Unusual score changes
  • Inconsistent performance on different parts of the exam

When we cancel your scores, your Official Score Report will have special notations in the place of actual test scores.

In the case of a score being canceled for T (a test center issue or testing issue beyond your control), you may be offered the option either to retest at no additional fee or to receive a refund of your examination fee (unless you are found to have caused or been involved in the conduct that resulted in the corrective action). If a retest is offered and you select that option, you must retake the entire exam in order to produce a valid score.

These are the exclusive remedies available if your score was canceled for Testing Issues. You will have 15 days from date of notification to schedule a free retest or request a refund, if either is offered. The free retest can initially be schedule out as far as six months. If you decide to reschedule the exam for a different date or for further out, you will be responsible for paying the rescheduling fee.

Common Policy Violations – “P”

Marked by the letter “P” on your Official Score Report for five years, the following are examples of common policy violations that would result in scores being withheld or canceled. In addition, your selected score receiving school(s) may be notified.

Policy Violation

How to Avoid a Policy Violation

Consequences of a Policy Violation

Accessing or Using:

  • Cell phones
  • Electronic devices
  • Computers
  • Communication devices
  • Music players

You must store all types of electronic, communicative, or computer devices. You may not access or use them at any time (including breaks) after you check into the testing center.

  • Score revoked
  • Ban from testing for up to three years
  • Notification to schools

Accessing study guides

You must store all notes, study materials or any other written material in your locker until you have completed your exam. You many not refer to these materials after check-in, including during your breaks.

  • Score revoked
  • Ban from testing for one year
  • Notification to schools

Storing items improperly

You must store all items in your locker. Refrain from storing items in any other area, including bathrooms, the hall, emergency exits, etc.

  • Score revoked
  • Possible one year ban from testing
  • Notification to schools

Any other unauthorized item

You may bring ONLY your identification, locker key, a light sweater, and prescription eyeglasses with you into the test room. Personal items including food, drink, and candy are not allowed in the testing room unless expressly pre-authorized for a disability.

  • Score revoked
  • Notification to schools

Serious Policy Violations – “S”

Marked by the letter “S” on your Official Score Report for five years, the following are examples of serious policy violations that would result in score cancellation, notification to your score receiving schools, and a possible ban on future testing.

Serious Policy Violation

How to Avoid a Serious Policy Violation

Additional Consequences of a Serious Policy Violation

Disrupting others
(includes verbal altercations, lewd acts, and physical violence)

You must act in a manner that does not disturb, interfere with, or threaten other test takers or administrators.

  • Score revoked
  • Ban from test center for one year to lifetime ban
  • Notification to schools

Falsifying score reports

You may not alter or falsify an Unofficial or Official GMAT Score Report.

  • Score revoked
  • Ban from testing for three years
  • Notification to schools

Taking the test for others

You must take the test for yourself. You may not test for anyone or have another person test for you.

  • Score revoked
  • Ban from testing for five years
  • Notification to schools

Disclosing test content

Do not disclose, discuss, or access questions that come directly from a GMAT exam. Disclosing or accessing “live” questions from an exam in any format is prohibited before, during, or after the exam is administered. This includes, but is not limited to: online forums, blogs, discussion boards, test prep programs, test center communication books, etc.

  • Score revoked
  • Ban from test center for up to three years
  • Notification to schools

Providing fraudulent payment or canceling payments

Using a fraudulent payment method to register for the GMAT exam is prohibited. You may not cancel a payment for any product or service received or ordered.

  • Score revoked
  • Ban from test center for three years
  • Notification to schools

What Happens if my Scores Were Already Reported to Schools?

In some, but not all, situations, we will notify you in writing, in advance of a planned score cancellation or invalidation.

If you believe we should review a decision we made about your exam, you may appeal to the GMAT Program within 30 days from the date of our decision. Under certain circumstances, we may shorten or extend the 30 days. Please submit your appeal in writing by email, mail, or fax to GMAT Customer Service. If you submit an appeal prior to GMAC receiving your Score Revocation Letter, it will be treated as the first appeal. You must submit supporting documentation for appeals concerning policy exceptions.

IMPORTANT! Scores are canceled if there is a good-faith reason to question their validity. Your appeal must provide information that resolves these issues.

We will consider any information that is submitted, and offer you a choice of options. The options may include voluntary score cancellation, a free retest, and appealing the cancellation decision through procedures provided by us or our partner Pearson VUE.

There are circumstances in which you may have your scores canceled or withheld without prior notice or an opportunity to appeal. Those circumstances generally involve disruptions by you during exam administration, advance disclosure of exam content, and cases in which you are observed violating exam policies by a test administrator and/or are discharged from the testing site. In these situations, you will simply be informed that your scores are canceled or invalidated.

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