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MBA Salary Calculator: Estimate Your Post-MBA Salary

Is one of your career goals to increase your salary? Of course it is! Earning more and getting promoted are two of the top goals of prospective MBA students, and research from alumni (and the employers that hire them) show that graduates find a lot of success meeting their goals with the broad-based business skillset of an MBA.

Among recent MBA graduates surveyed in 2021, 9 in 10 report that their MBA offered them opportunities for quicker career advancement and resulted in a positive return on investment.

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Among corporate recruiters, 9 in 10 are confident in graduate business schools’ ability to prepare students to be successful in their organizations and 7 in 10 agree that employees with a graduate business school degree tend to earn more than others in their organization.

How much could an MBA increase your salary?

Based on real salary outcomes from MBA graduates and starting salary data from corporate recruiters, use our MBA Salary Calculator Tool to estimate how much more you could earn with an MBA.


Disclaimer: This tool is intended for illustrative purposes only and provides a general estimate of post-degree salaries for an MBA program based upon data inputted by a user, data from graduates, and data from corporate recruiters. Actual post-degree salaries may be different. GMAC makes no guarantees or warranties regarding any outcomes or salary with or without an MBA.