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GMAT™ Online Policies and Procedures

The GMAT™ Online Exam is owned by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). We develop and deliver the exam with the help of our service providers. Together we have established terms and conditions including the GMAT™ Online Policies and Procedures, to enhance the test environment and the validity and the security of the GMAT™ Online Exam.

Read the GMAT™ Online Policies and Procedures prior to registering for the exam. You must agree to all terms and conditions stated on the website and in the GMAT™ Online Policies and Procedures. Pay particular attention to the identification requirements. Candidates are advised to check the GMAT™ Online Policies and Procedures periodically for updates.

The GMAT™ Online Policies and Procedures covers a range of important and valuable information regarding the GMAT™ Online Exam, such as:

  • Rights and responsibilities of test takers
  • Registration and scheduling instructions
  • Test fees, policies, and procedures
  • What to expect on exam day
  • Testing rules
  • Receiving and evaluating your score
  • Sharing your score report with schools


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