Prepare for the GMAT Exam

Preparing for the GMAT is like any goal that’s important to you. Start with a plan, execute it, and you’ll succeed.

Understanding the format, practicing sample questions, and reviewing one section at a time will help you arrive fully prepared on the day of your exam. The GMAT exam may seem intimidating at first, but it’s really just a test of the skills you’ve already learned over time.

Be sure to download GMATPrep® Software, free to registered users of GMATPrep simulates the actual test experience by using retired questions from previous GMAT exams. Our GMAT preparation timeline provides a step-by-step approach to your personal study plan, and includes links to tips, prep products, and advice for improving your weak areas and enhancing your strengths. Other helpful links include:

  • GMAT®Paper Tests, three easy-to-download sets of “retired” paper tests.
  • GMAT Write®, an online tool that helps you prepare for the Analytical Writing Assessment with confidence.
  • GMAT Focus®, an online tool that gives you immediate insight into your weaknesses so you can optimize your study time.
  • Test Center Checklist infographic to help you understand what to bring on the day of your exam and what to leave behind.
Test Prep Materials

Be prepared for the GMAT exam by practicing with our free GMATPrep software and other study materials; reviewing the GMAT Handbook to learn what to expect before, during, and after test day; and following our convenient checklist.

  • Download free GMAT Prep Software

    Get Free GMATPrep® Software

    The free GMATPrep software provides valuable prep tips and lets you practice for the GMAT exam using the same technology you will encounter on test day.
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  • Get Free GMATPrep Software

    GMAT Handbook

    The GMAT Handbook is your all-in-one guide to everything exam-related. In fact, you will need to read it before you schedule your appointment.
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  • 2013 GMAT Handbook Updates

    Review all updates and changes made to the 2013 GMAT Handbook.
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  • Cheating on the GMAT Exam

    Understand the GMAT Test-Taking Rules

    Watch these videos to ensure that you don't violate any GMAT test-taking rules or policies.
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  • Jay

    GMAT Preparation Checklist

    Want to be sure you are doing everything you can to prepare for the GMAT exam? Our checklist will help keep you organized.
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  • The Official Guide to Your Best GMAT

    Any goal worth achieving starts with a plan, and doing well on the GMAT exam is no exception. This graphic will help you take the steps you need to succeed.
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  • Business Students on the computer

    Five Tips from GMAC on Using GMATPrep® v2.2 to Study More Effectively

    The GMATPrep® software, free to those who register on, is key to any study strategy.
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  • IR Prep Tool

    IR Prep Tool

    Another official study tool featuring 48 IR items and answer explanations, unlimited practice sessions, customizable question sets, and tools to practice pacing.
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  • The Official Guide for GMAT® Review, 13th Edition

    The Official Guide for GMAT® Review, 13th Edition

    Jumpstart your GMAT exam preparations with our official study guide, featuring real GMAT questions—and their answers— written by GMAC, the creators of the test.
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  • The Official Guide for GMAT® Verbal Review, 2nd Edition

    The Official Guide for GMAT® Verbal Review, 2nd Edition

    Be fully prepared for the Verbal component of the GMAT exam with the 2nd edition of our Supplement, complete with 75 new questions and answer explanations.
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  • The Official Guide for GMAT® Quantitative Review, 2nd Edition

    The Official Guide for GMAT® Quantitative Review, 2nd Edition

    Prepare for the Quantitative section of the GMAT exam with the 2nd edition of our Supplement, complete with 75 new questions and answer explanations.
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  • GMAT Write®

    GMAT Write®

    Give your writing ability a boost with the Analytical Writing Assessment section of the GMAT exam with the GMAT Write tool.
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Test Prep Advice

You have questions about the GMAT exam? We have answers. From tried-and-true test-taking strategies to advice from students who have successfully taken the exam, this section has you covered.

  • GMAT Preparation Tips & Strategies

    GMAT Preparation Tips & Strategies

    Preparing for and doing well on the GMAT exam is an investment toward getting into the graduate business program of your choice.
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  • Get GMAT Prep Advice from Students and Alumni

    Who better to offer GMAT preparation advice than current students who took the exam and are now well on their way to success—in the classroom and in their careers.
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  • Business School Student Studying for GMAT Exam

    The GMAT Prep Timeline

    When it comes to studying for the GMAT exam, there are no magic formulas, secrets or tricks—just planning and preparation.
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  • Bakul Kampani

    Test-Taking Strategies

    To ensure you do your best on test day, keep these six test taking strategies in mind as you prepare for and take the GMAT exam.
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  • GMAT Test Taking Mistakes You Can Avoid

    Test Taking Mistakes You Can Avoid

    Want to know what test taking mistakes are made over and over again? Follow our Do This Not That guide to learn what to do – and what not to do.
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  • Pooja Jain

    GMAT Prep Recommendations: Hear from Pooja

    Here are helpful preparation tactics you can employ, including careful planning and setting realistic goals.
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  • Shailesh Kumar

    Students Share GMAT Prep Tips

    You may want to start with The Official Guide for GMAT® Review, but there are many other helpful preparation tactics you can employ, including careful planning and setting realistic goals
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  • Study Smart for Your Best GMAT

    Learn about the key tips and strategies when studying and preparing to do your best on the GMAT Exam.
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  • Christie St. John

    Preparing For the GMAT Exam: Hear from Tuck

    Preparation is your key to success on the GMAT exam. In this video, Christie St. John of Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business shares her GMAT exam preparation essentials.
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  • Nicole Lindsay

    GMAT Strong: Four Steps to Becoming a Better Test Taker

    To prepare for the GMAT exam, do what strong test-takers do: follow your study plan, know how to get the most out of practice tests, understand how you learn, and approach the process and test with a calm, positive attitude.
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Plan for Test Day

Business schools rely on GMAT exam scores because they are confident that the test is administered the same way to everyone who takes it. Consequently, in addition to preparing for the exam, you will want to learn about the specific test center rules and what you can expect on your big day.

  • Business Student

    Paying for the GMAT Exam

    In addition to the fee for taking the GMAT exam, fees may also apply for rescheduling your exam and ordering additional score reports.
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  • Test Center Tour

    Take a Tour of the Test Center

    After weeks of preparation, know what to expect on the GMAT exam. Here’s what to expect at the test center.
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  • What You Need to Know on Test Day

    The GMAT is taken very seriously—and not only by test takers. Because it is such an important and highly regarded examination, a number of rules regarding conduct and procedures must be followed
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  • What to Bring on Test Day

    Learn what to bring – and what not to bring – to your GMAT exam.
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  • GMAT ID Requirements

    Presenting Proper Identification

    On test day, it is incredibly important that you bring valid identification – or you will not be allowed to take the GMAT exam.
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  • Test Center Checklist_thumb

    GMAT Test Center Checklist

    Download our GMAT Test Center infographic to learn all about what items you must bring with you and what items you'll need to leave behind on the day of your exam.
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  • Palm Vein Reader for GMAT Security

    Palm Vein Reader Biometric Identification

    Before you take the GMAT exam, you will be required to have your palms scanned by a sensor that records the unique pattern formed by your palm veins.
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  • Placeholder Image for

    View Country Specific Test Center Regulations

    Understand the ID requirements, test center rules and agreement, and whether a VAT applies in the country in which you plan to take the GMAT exam.
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  • Colette

    Exam Day Advice

    Get a good night’s sleep, relax, and get to the test center early – these are just a few of the tips offered by current MBA students on preparing mentally and physically for the big day.
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  • GMAT Exam Administration Rules

    The GMAT exam is governed by administration rules that help ensure its validity and reliability. These rules begin at check-in, include breaks, and end at check-out.
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  • Rights and Responsibilites of GMAT Test Takers

    As a GMAT exam test taker, you have rights and responsibilities. Prior to taking the GMAT exam, you will want to read these over so that you know what to expect and what is expected of you.
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  • Test Complaints and Concerns

    If you have already taken the GMAT and have a complaint or concern about the test or the test center, send your written complaint or concern to GMAT Customer Service immediately following the test administration.
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  • GMAT Non-Disclosure Agreement and General Terms of Use - Sample

    This example of the GMAT exam Non-Disclosure Agreement and General Terms of Use will be provided to you on the day of your exam.
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