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Earning a Graduate Business Degree: A Guide for Chinese Students

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What’s the best way to ensure you have a long and successful career? Investing in a graduate business degree like a business master’s or MBA at the beginning of your professional journey ensures you maximize the positive benefits of business school and sets you on a successful career trajectory right from the start. But how do you begin? What guidance is there for Chinese students interested in studying abroad for business school?

Guidance for Chinese students

Read on for tips and insights on how you can join an elite network of international business school graduates and access the skills, connections, and opportunities to have a long and successful career.

How business school benefits Chinese students

First things first—why should you pursue a business master’s or MBA degree? Studying business brings a number of tangible benefits to you in both the near and long term.

  • In-demand skills. You will acquire the skills and credentials that will help you stand out in a competitive hiring market and add value to your company right away.
  • Network support. Relationships can mean a lot in business, and being a part of an extensive business school alumni network can open doors for your career.
  • Career opportunities. Having a business master’s or MBA signals to your employer that you are management material and can put you on the fast track to higher levels of responsibility.
  • Return on investment. Investing in yourself now pays off over the long term. Business school alumni rise higher and faster than peers without degrees, and over the course of their careers they earn significantly more than they would have otherwise.

Which program type is right for you?

An important decision you’ll need to make on your journey to business school is which program type you want to pursue. Graduate business schools offer a diverse portfolio of program types, all geared toward different types of students seeking different outcomes and learning experiences.

The number of options can feel overwhelming, so here’s some of our best guidance for making the right choice for you.

Is a Master in Management (MiM) what you’re looking for?MiM programs are programs specifically designed to help recent undergraduates begin their careers in business. Typically completed in one year, an MiM program can provide the theoretical groundwork— through a broad, general management curriculum—you need before starting your career. If you have three or more years of work experience, you might consider applying for a full-time MBA program.

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Or maybe you’re more interested in specializing? Business schools offer a number of specialized business master’s programs that teach in-demand skills specific to a particular role or industry—like a Master in Finance, Master of Accounting, or Master of Data Analytics to name a few. Developing one of these skillsets at the start of your career can help you stand out to top employers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. These programs are especially popular with Chinese students who study abroad for business school.

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The advantages of studying outside of China

Another big decision you’ll need to make is where in the world to study. Even if you’re interested in starting your career in China, going abroad for business school has a number of important advantages that can set you apart, including solidifying your English skills and accessing elite job opportunities in China’s hottest industries, including tech.

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Of course, studying abroad isn’t all business—it can be fun, too! Business school is a tremendous opportunity for you to not just visit another country, but to truly experience it, know what it’s like to live there, and get to know people on an individual basis. Chinese students who earn a business master’s or MBA degree abroad have the opportunity to work alongside, socialize, and make lasting friendships with students from all over the world. They gain perspectives on how to build relationships and solve business problems across cultures.

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While COVID-19 may be giving you pause about your international business school plans, you can still use this time productively by researching your options and making sure you’re ready when you feel comfortable to take your next steps. Read our advice on four things you should think about as a Chinese student considering studying abroad for business school.

Popular study destinations for Chinese students

Here’s where Chinese business students before you have found success:

United States. Home to some of the worlds most elite business schools, including Harvard Business School, New York University’s Stern School of Business, Columbia Business School, UCLA Anderson, and Berkeley Haas, the United States is where the largest number of Chinese applicants send their GMAT score reports. Read more about the latest insights on gaining a student visa to study in the United States.

United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has seen a steady increase in interest from Chinese students over the past several years, including to programs at prestigious schools like London Business School and Imperial College Business School. Read more about how changes to the UK post-study work visa benefit international students.

Canada. If you really want to study in an international-friendly environment and stay after you graduate to launch your career, a business school in Canada may be exactly what you’re looking for.  

Taking the GMAT exam in China is your ticket to an international business school degree

Putting your best foot forward in the business school admissions process begins with achieving your best GMAT exam score. MBA and business master’s programs at the world’s leading business schools accept the GMAT exam because it’s a proven predictor of your ability to succeed in their classrooms. Applying with a competitive GMAT exam score demonstrates your commitment and motivation and helps you stand out in the admissions process.

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Learn about the five ways to tailor your GMAT prep and access other useful prep resources, like the 8-week study planner and the GMAT Mini Quiz.

Wondering how much time you need to devote to prep? Use our interactive tool to estimate your required study time and receive a study plan tailored to your available time.


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