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Security Measures

Security Measures for the GMAT™ Online Exam


The GMAT™ online exam has security measures in place to guarantee validity and maintain the integrity of the GMAT™ Scores. There are security protocols that will occur at check-in as well as continuous monitoring during the exam. 

Security at Check-In

At check-in, ID verification will occur via submission of ID by the test-taker. AI-driven authentication protocols (facial recognition technology) will be in place for the verification.  During this verification, the testing system will check four things:

  • Your system is running the proper software and meets the hardware requirements
  • Proper photo identification for the AI to compare your facial image to the one on your ID
  • A current digital photo uploaded for comparison to photo ID.
  • Workspace verification – you must upload photos of the work space prior to beginning the exam.

In addition to the uploaded workspace photos, the check-in proctor may conduct a second scan of the desk and work area by having you show your work area and surrounding environment via webcam. The proctor will:

  • Confirm all external monitors and other devices are unplugged
  • Confirm no items or objects are within reach of the test taker
  • Confirm no food or drink is in the vicinity, other than water in a clear container
  • Inspect items on the wall
  • If using a physical whiteboard, confirm that your whiteboard is within the size requirements (if your whiteboard is too large the proctor will ask you to remove it from the work area.)

After the webcam inspection, the proctor will check that no other applications are running on your computer before launching the exam. 

Security During the Exam

During the exam, you will be live-monitored via webcam and microphone by a proctor and the session will be recorded. There will also be an AI-driven monitoring system to identify the test taker during the exam.

All applications other than the test taking software, will be disabled. 

If you choose to use a physical whiteboard during your exam, you will be asked to completely erase your whiteboard and show the front and back of your blank whiteboard to the camera at three points:

  • Before the exam begins
  • Before the optional break begins (if you choose to take the break)
  • Before the exam ends

Follow the instructions on the screen to show your blank whiteboard to the camera. Note that there will be no acknowledgement from the proctor, but the showing of your blank whiteboard to the camera will be recorded on video and will be reviewed by exam and test security administrators if needed. 

If any prohibited behavior is detected, the exam will be terminated immediately.

You must agree and adhere to the exam GMAT™ online Exam Policies and Procedures during the exam. 



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