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GMAT™ Online Exam Structure

GMAT™ Online Exam Structure

The GMAT™ online exam measures the verbal, quantitative, integrated reasoning, and critical thinking skills that are most relevant for graduate business education.

  • Integrated Reasoning  measures your ability to analyze data and evaluate information presented in multiple formats

  • Quantitative Reasoning – measures your ability to analyze data and draw conclusions using reasoning skills

  • Verbal Reasoning – measures your ability to read and understand written material, to evaluate arguments and to correct written material to conform to standard written English

  • Analytical Writing Assessment – measures your ability to think critically and to communicate your ideas

The GMAT™ online exam includes the Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning and the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section. Each section contains the same number of questions and time per section as the current test center-based GMAT exam.

The sections are as follows: 

  • 31 Quantitative Reasoning / 62 minutes
  • 36 Verbal Reasoning / 65 minutes
  • 12 Integrated Reasoning / 30 minutes
  • 1 Analytical Writing Assessment / 30 minutes

The Section Order for the GMAT™ online exam:

You will have the flexibility to choose from three options for your exam's section order:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal

  • Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment

  • Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment


This choice simply gives you more control and flexibility to take the GMAT exam based on your strengths and testing preferences.

Total Exam Time

The total exam time is approximately 3 hours and 7 minutes, plus two optional 8-minute breaks.

Online check in – Please allow 15 minutes to check into the online proctored system. (Note that check-in times may be up to 30 minutes during peak periods.)

Scores and Score Sending

The GMAT™ online exam uses the same scoring algorithm and score scale for the Section Scores and Total Score as the test center-based version. This ensures scores are compatible and comparable across the online and test center-based versions.

  • Your unofficial scores will be presented to you on screen immediately after completing your exam and your official score report will be made available via your mba.com account typically within 7 business days, but may take up to 20 days to process. 
  • Choice and control over which Online exam appointment scores you want to send to Schools
  • 5 free score reports*
  • Scores are not included in the score reports sent for exams taken at test centers
  • Scores are valid for 5 years

*Your 5 free score reports must be used within 48 hours of receiving your official score

The GMAT™ exam delivered online will count toward your overall GMAT™ exam attempt limits -  5 in a rolling 12-month period, and 8 in a lifetime.

Note: Scores for the GMAT™ exam delivered online are not included in the score reports sent for exams taken at test centers.


You have the option and flexibility to use both a physical whiteboard and an online whiteboard for your scratch work and/or take notes. Learn more about whiteboard options and requirements.

Availability of the GMAT™ Online Exam

The GMAT™ online exam is here to stay with appointments currently available on a rolling basisAppointments are available around the clock and you can schedule an exam appointment up to 24 hours before an available testing slot. 

Disability accommodations – If you are planning to request disability accommodation for the GMAT™ online exam, do not schedule your appointment until your accommodation is approved. Please begin by following the process to register as a test taker with disabilities. Accommodations available include 50% and 100% extended time along with an extended break of 10 minutes. 

Compare the GMAT™ Online Exam with the Test-center Based GMAT™ Exam

Which GMAT™ exam delivery is right for you? Use this chart to compare the GMAT™ online exam to the GMAT™

The GMAT™ online exam is available in all locations, with the exception of: Mainland China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Sudan due to regulatory and local data privacy rules. Please note that currently, proctoring support for the GMAT™ online exam is only offered in English.

Take the GMAT™ online exam in the comfort of your home. Appointments are available around the clock providing you additional convenience and flexibility.