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Is An MBA Right For Me?

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Pursuing an MBA is a big, important life decision, and it’s normal to debate the value and ask yourself if it’s worth the investment.

Maybe a coworker has inspired you to consider an MBA, or you can see yourself following in the footsteps of another MBA graduate you admire. The point is, you’re not alone if you’re wondering whether or not an MBA is right for you, and these questions can help you decide if you’re ready.

Are you feeling stuck in your career?

Upward mobility drives many of us. But what happens when you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your career? What are your options for breaking through? Working harder? Taking on extra projects? Still, there’s no guarantee that management will see more value in your work. An MBA can not only get you noticed but gives you credibility and opens doors to more opportunities to achieve your goals.

Do you want to develop more marketable skills?

For some people, strategic thinking, problem solving, and leadership are just buzzwords. For others, you see them as the tools you need to help generate creative solutions, quickly respond to trends, and take decisive action. If the latter sounds like you, then an MBA might be just the program for you.

Do you feel like you can contribute more?

Many people feel that the way to move up is to change jobs or move to a new company, but what if you want to contribute to your current employer in a deeper and more meaningful way? An MBA is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to your career and possibly your current company. It’s also an opportunity for an employer to demonstrate confidence in an employee’s abilities with a promotion or financial support toward a graduate degree.

Do you know what your dream job is?

What credentials do people in your "future job" have? Do they have MBAs or other advanced degrees? If you know where you want your career path to take you, don’t wait for others around you to notice your ambition. An MBA can give you a leg up in a variety of different industries and careers—not just finance. If you see a career in marketing, management, operations, and yes, even the C-suite, now may be the time to take action.

What should I do next?

Did some of these questions resonate with you? Continue exploring whether an MBA is right for you.