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MBA Salary Calculator: Estimate Your Post-MBA Salary

If you're hoping an MBA could provide you with a salary boost, you're not alone. According to the 2024 GMAC Prospective Students Survey, a salary increase was the most popular reason for students to pursue a graduate business degree. And 77% of graduates confirmed that the decision did indeed increase their earning power. 

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It's a perspective supported by the views of recruiters. The majority agree that employees with graduate degrees perform better than those who do not have a master's. And among graduate business degrees, an MBA is the most sought-after—and the most lucrative.

In short, an MBA is the king when it comes to business education. But how much more could you earn with an MBA next to your name?

MBA Salary Calculator

Based on real salary outcomes from MBA graduates and starting salary data from corporate recruiters, use our MBA Salary Calculator Tool to estimate how much more you could earn with an MBA.

You simply need to input your preferred currency, years of professional experience, current salary, and the industry you're hoping to break into.

You'll then get an estimate of your potential salary increase based on that industry.

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Disclaimer: This tool is intended for illustrative purposes only and provides a general estimate of post-degree salaries for an MBA program based upon data inputted by a user, data from graduates, and data from corporate recruiters. Actual post-degree salaries may be different. GMAC makes no guarantees or warranties regarding any outcomes or salary with or without an MBA.