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The Business Career Guide for Italian Students

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Many people dream of launching successful business careers, but knowing where to start is not always easy, especially during COVID-19 when so many plans have been put on hold. That’s why we created this comprehensive guide with resources that help direct you through the various stages of your business journey.

Read on for information on the steps you can take to position yourself for your dream role in business.

Decide what kind of business career interests you the most

Deciding to kickstart your career in business requires you to consider several important questions. The first thing you should think about is what kind of business career you’re most interested in, as this will drive the remainder of your journey. Think about whether you would be more motivated by a career in accounting, product marketing or economics. It’s important to understand which field interests you most before all else.

Not sure how to figure out what kind of business career would suit you best? Try your hand at our career explorer tool, which helps prospective students like you find careers that align with your goals. Learn more about choosing the business career path that’s best for you.

Explore the benefits of attending business school

Once you establish an understanding of what kind of business career you’d like to pursue, it’s important to think about the most viable options for getting there. Among the most secure and dependable options for establishing yourself in business is attending a reputable business school. Whether you want to pursue an MBA or a business master’s is entirely up to you and mostly hinges on your level of work experience, but both are proven to dramatically increase your chances of being hired, earning a higher-paying job after you graduate, and accelerating your career development.

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Additionally, people with post-graduate degrees tend to enjoy increased job security. A Strada Education Network survey shows that of people who lost their job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, graduate and professional degree holders were more likely to have started a new job in the past month than people with a bachelor’s degree, associate or vocational degree, some college education, or a high school diploma or less.

Apart from the relatively obvious benefits like increased job prospects and a higher salary, attending business school can pay off in the long run in many other ways. For example, attending business school provides you the opportunity to develop and nurture networking opportunities, test business ventures in a safe and risk-free environment, and learn technical skills essential for long-term success in today’s modern world.

Interested in learning more about whether business school is the right fit for you? Ask yourself these five questions to help decide.

Figure out whether you want to study in Italy or go abroad

Once you get a sense of what kind of business career you’d like to pursue and what type of business school option is right option for you, the next step in your journey is determining where you want to study. This is another key step that will largely be driven by your field of interest and program of choice.

Selecting your business school program and location are steps that usually go hand-in-hand. When selecting a program, remember that business graduates often choose to remain in their country of study to live and work after they receive their degree. That said, it can be advantageous to select a location that has ample job opportunities in your field of interest. This is also an important consideration when deciding whether you want to stay in Italy or study abroad. The best way to find a business school program is by using our Program Finder to explore top business school programs in your desired field.

You may want the best of both worlds. Want to stay in Italy for your studies but pursue an international career? Get advice on the best ways to kickstart your international business career from Italy. 

Learn about what you can do now to position yourself for business school application success

At this point, you’ve determined what kind of business career you’re interested in, what type of program and degree is right for you and whether you want to stay in Italy or study abroad instead. Now, what can you do in the meantime to boost your chances of being accepted into your top program?

One of the best things you can do to position yourself for the business school application process is to use COVID-19 as an opportunity to upskill. For example, you can use any extra free time to find virtual volunteer and internship opportunities that you can take advantage from home. Plus, there are countless free, online learning platforms that you can use to learn technical skills necessary for landing your dream job and that will make you stand out in your business school application and to potential employers.

To learn about specific volunteer, internship and virtual learning opportunities, explore our article, Three Ways Italians Should Use COVID-19 to Upskill.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you’ll be well on your way to establishing the business career that you always imagined. For more advice on what you can do to put the wheels in motion, explore, Three Pieces of Advice for Italian Students Who Want to Work in Business.

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