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Five Reasons to Test as an Undergrad

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Exams are tough enough in college. It’ll only get more difficult once you’ve graduated and your hard-earned math and verbal skills get rusty. Test now to put your best foot forward! 


Not sure where or when you want to apply? Your score is good for five years—you have plenty of time to decide. Your score will be ready when you are. 


We want things to be easy for you. With 600+ testing centers across the US, you can take the exam wherever (and whenever) it’s most convenient. 


You’re on campus— where else do you have access to professors, study groups, test prep sessions, and recent test takers who can give you the inside scoop?


We know that money is tight. Take advantage of exclusive undergrad pricing—whatever your needs and goals, there’s a package for you. You deserve a break!

Did you know that over 6,500
graduate programs accept the GMAT exam?