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Meet Your 2021 Business School Goals

2020 was… an experience. Now’s the time to put it in your rearview mirror and focus your energy on achieving your personal and professional goals in 2021.

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2021 is Your Year

The wind is at your back in 2021! As the world moves toward opening back up, now’s the time to make your plans to stretch your wings and reach new heights in the new year.

  1. Companies Expect MBA Hiring to Return to <br>Pre-COVID Levels in 2021

    Companies Expect MBA Hiring to Return to
    Pre-COVID Levels in 2021

    Our annual survey of corporate recruiters reveals an optimistic hiring outlook for 2021—especially for MBA and business master’s graduates.

  2. MBA Applications Spiked in 2020—<br>What’s That Mean for 2021?

    MBA Applications Spiked in 2020—
    What’s That Mean for 2021?

    Due to skyrocketing demand, 2021 could prove to be a uniquely competitive admissions cycle. We’ve got three pieces of advice to make sure you stand out from the field.

  3. What Biden’s Win Could Mean for US <br>B-Schools and International Students

    What Biden’s Win Could Mean for US
    B-Schools and International Students

    With a new administration in the White House, 2021 could be the beginning of a wave of renewed international interest in studying in the United States. Here’s why.

  • There's No Limit to What You Can Achieve with a B-School Degree

    For many business superstars—like Tim Cook of Apple, Marvin Ellison of Lowe’s, Susan Wojcicki of YouTube, and so many more—a key step on their journeys was going to business school and earning an MBA.
    Take our short quiz and see which famous MBA grad’s origin story began kind of like yours, learn more about how they blazed their path to the top, and envision yourself taking the next step of your own journey.
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Expert Advice on Getting Started, Tailored to You

Wondering how to get started with the admissions process? A key, but often overlooked first step is taking the time to think through the story you want to tell.

Our How to Get Started guide series gives you expert advice on how to define your personal brand and tell a compelling story with your applications. Explore the guide that fits your level of professional experience for advice personalized to you.

  1. Undergrads and Recent Graduates Targeting <br>Business Master's Programs

    Undergrads and Recent Graduates Targeting
    Business Master's Programs

    Don’t have much professional experience to highlight in your applications? The key is clearly defining your professional goals and spelling out how business school will get you there.

  2. Early Professionals Targeting <br>Full-Time MBA Programs

    Early Professionals Targeting
    Full-Time MBA Programs

    MBA admissions committees are tasked with building a class of diverse talent. To stand out, you need to tell your story in a way that only you can tell it. We’ve got the advice you need.

  3. Experienced Professionals Targeting <br>Professional MBA Programs

    Experienced Professionals Targeting
    Professional MBA Programs

    Business schools want to hear about your extensive experience, but so many applicants go about it in all the wrong ways. We explain the do’s and don’ts of telling your story.

  • Earn Your Best GMAT™ Exam Score with Official Prep

    A great GMAT exam score can help you stand out in competitive applicant pools for MBA or business master’s programs. What’s the best way to prep to maximize your score?
    Take our quiz to find out which GMAT Official prep option fits your personal study style and exam score goals.
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Gain the Skills You'll Need for the Post-COVID World

While we’re all ready to move on from 2020, there’s no doubt it was a year that will influence just about every aspects of our lives moving forward—especially in the workplace. Read our coverage of what employers and business school experts tell us they’re looking for in the new normal.

  1. Business Skills Employers Will Want <br>in a Post-COVID World

    Business Skills Employers Will Want
    in a Post-COVID World

    Amid COVID-19, we surveyed nearly 700 corporate recruiters and asked them which skills will experience growing demand over the next five years. Their responses may surprise you.

  2. Companies Need Managers with Soft Skills <br>Now More Than Ever

    Companies Need Managers with Soft Skills
    Now More Than Ever

    Research by McKinsey & Co. shows that compassionate leaders perform better and foster more loyalty and engagement with their teams, and major companies are starting to take notice.

  3. Business Schools Pivot to Teach Skills <br>for the Post-COVID World

    Business Schools Pivot to Teach Skills
    for the Post-COVID World

    This year, the content of MBA and business master’s courses underwent an unprecedently rapid evolution, perhaps unlike any time in the history of graduate business schools.

  • Find the Right Program For You

    When it comes to graduate business school, one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is: "what's the best business program for my personality?"
    Answer just a few short questions about yourself and we'll pair you to your best fit graduate business school program type.
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Plan for the Next Phase of Your Career

With a graduate business degree, the sky’s the limit for your career potential. mba.com has a number of helpful tools to help you plan for this big step forward in your career trajectory.

  1. Career Explorer Tool: How to Start <br>Building a Bright Future

    Career Explorer Tool: How to Start
    Building a Bright Future

    Our interactive tool helps you identify the skills you need for success in your chosen career, and then gives you personalized recommendations to develop them.

  2. Interactive Tool: Estimate Your <br>Post-MBA Salary

    Interactive Tool: Estimate Your
    Post-MBA Salary

    What salary can you expect if you get an MBA or business master’s degree? Our tool helps you estimate based on your desired industry and job level for after business school.

  3. B-School Go

    B-School Go

    Navigate your steps towards a more fulfilling career with our interactive tool that guides you to content that’s most helpful and meaningful to you.