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Deadline Extensions, Fee Waivers, and More: Coronavirus Business School Updates

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MBA and business master’s programs are showing unprecedented flexibility to help you keep your plans on track during this challenging time.

It’s been an unusual start to the year, to say the least. We’ve all had to adjust how we normally do things in order to get by, and the graduate business schools you’re interested in are no different. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many programs around the world are adjusting their admissions processes to help prospective students like you get the latest information, submit your applications, and successfully enroll.

To assist schools with sharing their updates, we created a short survey to collect information directly from schools about their programs’ admissions deadline extensions, adjustments to application fees, scholarship availability, and virtual engagement opportunities. This information is now available for you to access on mba.com via the COVID-19 Program Updates page as well as in Program Finder.

Here are some takeaways on how programs are supporting your business school goals during this difficult time.

Application deadlines have been extended for most programs

Among the more than 250 business school programs that have provided admissions updates, 52 percent have extended their application deadlines.

The timing of these extensions varies by program, with some programs requiring applicants to submit completed applications in late April and some extending into the summer months. Be sure to visit the updates page and look up the programs you’re interested in for the latest information.

Some programs are keeping their existing application deadlines but are extending the deadline to submit GMAT exam scores to account for test center closures. If you’re planning to be an applicant to one of these programs, the GMAT Online exam was developed just for you.

Learn more about taking the GMAT exam in the comfort of your own home in our article highlighting the six things you need to know about the new GMAT Online exam.

New virtual engagement opportunities

In light of social distancing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, many business school admissions teams are offering new virtual engagement opportunities to replace events they normally would have hosted on campus.

On the updates page, you can find registration links for virtual events for the programs you’re interested in. These events are a great opportunity for you to ask questions about the student experience and gain a better understanding of how a degree from the program can help you achieve your professional goals.

For prospective students that have already applied and gained admission, many programs have announced changes to their admitted student events, replacing on-campus functions with virtual experiences. Check out our article on the five things current applicants should be thinking about for insights on how to make the most of these events.

MBA tour events are also going virtual. Wondering how to put your best foot forward during a virtual fair event? Check out our eight tips for making an impression.

Reduced or waived their application fees

Among responding programs, 38 percent have reduced or waived their application fees amid the coronavirus pandemic. This represents a tremendous value to applicants, especially those who plan to apply to a number of different programs.

With reduced or waived application fees, there’s one less excuse for why you wouldn’t apply to a program that you’re interested in. You never know—you could apply and be offered a scholarship that’s too good to turn down. If that interests you, keep reading!

Scholarship applications still being accepted

The vast majority of responding programs are still actively accepting scholarship applications for the coming semester (89%). Whether you’ve already applied, are currently putting together your applications, or are just starting your business school research, now’s a great time to reach out to your programs of interest and inquire about any scholarship opportunities you may be a good fit for. Programs are eager to engage with you as they seek to build an amazing class of future business leaders.

Read our research on the most common forms of scholarships and advice on how to maximize the amount of merit funding you receive.

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