What is a Master's in Management (MiM) and Why Get One?

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Masters in Management degrees are an excellent option for those who are just starting their careers.

While it originated in Europe, the Master in Management (MiM) degree continues to gain popularity throughout the world, partly because programs accept candidates with little to no work experience. Although the degree mentions management, let’s get one thing out of the way: No, you don’t have to be a manager to enroll in an MiM program. But then, what is an MiM and why might you want to earn one as opposed to an MBA?

An MiM defined

An MiM degree is a post-graduate master’s program that provides students with a general business education and is designed to help recent undergraduates launch their career in business. While the MiM curriculum includes classroom-based coursework and case studies on a wide range of business fundamentals, students can also focus their studies toward a career goal. For example, you could choose to focus your MiM on anything from accounting to marketing.

What is the difference between an MiM and an MBA?

While the curriculum may sound similar given its more general focus, there are key differences between an MBA and an MiM. Below are some important distinctions to keep in mind if you’re considering an MiM:

  • MiM students often enroll immediately after completing their bachelor’s degree and have minimal work experience.
  • MBA students usually have five or more years of work experience.
  • MiM programs include more business theory whereas MBA curricula have more practical applications.

Is an MiM right for you?

MiM degrees are an excellent option for those who are just starting their careers. They offer a path to a higher starting salary and can often be completed in under two years, with a smaller investment in tuition than other MBA programs. Acceptance into all MiM programs will require a bachelor’s degree, but most do not require that degree to be business related.

What are the benefits of an MiM degree?

Upon graduation with a MiM, you should have a core set of skills that helps differentiate you from other young professionals. In comparison to coworkers of similar age and experience, you can expect a higher salary and a faster track to leadership opportunities. Ultimately, the value of an MiM is that it enables you to start your career at an advantage.

Where to find top MiM programs

MiM programs have a decidedly international appeal. In the 2020 rankings by the Financial Times, 27 28 countries were represented in the top 100, with options in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, and more. The international popularity of the MiM degree also results in diverse student populations.

Where can you find application tips for MiM programs?

You’ve come to the right place! As with most business master’s programs, admissions for MiM programs is competitive, so it’s critical to make the right preparations. If you think an MiM might be right for you, find out how to prepare so you can submit a strong application! Then, explore program finder to identify your best-suited program.


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