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Quiz: Which Business Master’s Degree Is Right for Me?

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Investing in your future with a pre-experience business master’s degree is a smart way to set yourself up for career success right from the start. But with so many business master’s program types to choose from, finding your best fit business master’s degree can feel overwhelming. You’re probably asking yourself: which business master’s degree should I do?

Do you want to build the broadly applicable skills of a Master in Management? Or maybe you’d rather specialize in a specific industry or function, through a degree like the Master of Finance, Master of Accounting or Master of Marketing. Or maybe you want to ride the wave of growing demand for Master of Business Analytics grads.

Or maybe what matters most to you is doing one of the highest paying business master’s degrees.

Which business master’s program type fits your goals?

The business school experts at mba.com are here to give you the guidance you need. Answer just a few quick questions and we’ll provide you with personalized advice on which pre-experience business master’s degree best suits your career goals and preferences.



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