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Possible Career Paths With An MBA

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Is there an industry you've always dreaming of working in? MBA graduates from any tier program can find positions in a variety of industries. An MBA provides employers the guarantee that you have the initiative and determination to shape your own career.

If it's entrepreneurship, an MBA can help get you there.

An MBA is ideal for future entrepreneurs 

B-schools have made an effort to provide their entrepreneurial students with more resources—about 1 in 4 b-school candidates are pursuing their graduate degree to develop the skills they'll need to run their own business. 

The rate of entrepreneurship among alumni increases with years removed from graduation, and it’s seen as the best avenue for propelling graduates’ ideas, goods, and/or services. B-school alumni entrepreneurs most often found their own companies (85 percent), and combined, over half establish businesses within the consulting (36 percent) or products/services industry (26 percent).

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Switch careers or industries with an MBA 

If you desire to switch careers, an MBA can help get you there.

Making a career change is a big—and often overwhelming—step. To do it successfully, you need to make connections, develop transferable skills, and gain practical experience. Figuring out how to do all of that can be challenging, but you don’t have to go it alone—that’s where business school comes in. Many students have leveraged their business school education to transition into a new career or industry by acquiring versatile and transferable business skills. Business school equips you with marketable skills and practical experience.

MBA's are a great tool for STEM careers

If it's Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM), an MBA can help get you there.

Do you see yourself working on the latest pharmaceutical breakthrough? Perhaps you’d like to develop sustainable manufacturing processes or consult on the latest urban development project? If your passion lies within a STEM field, and given the high compensation and innovative culture in the STEM industry, you should consider how b-school can advance your career—it’s no surprise that STEM, especially technology, has become the career path for business school graduates over the past few years. Try considering an MBA if your career goals include managing people and projects or rising to the executive level.

Using your MBA for sustainability and environmental impact  

If it's sustainability, an MBA can help get you there.

Business schools are “going green” and offering programs with a sustainability focus. As the need to protect dwindling resources has grown, companies are looking to create and implement clean energy solutions. If topics like greenhouse gas emissions, waste usage, and supply chain impact, or diversity, equal pay, and community engagement interest you, an MBA with a focus on sustainable business may be a great fit. You not only learn the fundamentals of business, but also the cutting-edge ideas and technologies that can generate a positive environmental impact while increasing the bottom line. Try narrowing your program search to program's that offer a focus on sustainability. 

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