Integrated Reasoning

The following excerpt from a fictitious science news report discusses a fictitious type of location called a morefa .

For zoologists studying the behavior of certain species of birds, the critical importance of observing the birds in those species’ morefa during the annual breeding season is obvious. Such observation allows researchers to study not only the courtship displays of many different individuals within a species, but also the species’ social hierarchy. Moreover, since some species repeatedly return to the same morefa, researchers can study changes in group dynamics from year to year. The value of observing a morefa when the birds are not present, however—such as prior to their arrival or after they have abandoned the area to establish their nests—is only now becoming apparent.

Based on the definition of the imaginary word morefa that can be inferred from the previous paragraph, which of the following activities of a bird species must happen in a location for that location to be the species’ morefa, and which must NOT happen in a location for that location to be the species’ morefa? Make only two selections, one in each column.

Must happen in the location

Must not happen in the location

Activities of the members of the species

Occupying the location multiple times
Establishing nests
Gathering together with members of their own species
Territorial competition with members of different species

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