Racial Justice: A Statement from GMAC

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As a council of business schools, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has played a role in business school education for close to 70 years. We work to create more access and opportunities for candidates who wish to pursue an MBA or business master’s degree, and to create an environment in which everyone’s talent can be discovered.    

We believe that racism has no place in our society and certainly not in business school education. 

We have long been committed to the value of increasing the diversity of prospective candidates and of faculty in graduate management education. This commitment has been reflected over the years in support of numerous efforts such as Destination MBA, the Diversity Pipeline Alliance, the Diversity Advisory Group, the Diversity Net Resource Guide, and our most recent candidate effort- MBAs of Impact, a web series designed to showcase MBA alumni of color for prospective students of color. 

Recognizing the power in collective efforts, we have partnered with or championed the work of many organizations through the years, including - Forte, MLT, NBMBAA, Prospanica, Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, MBA Jumpstart, the PhD Project, which works to increase diversity among business school faculty, and many more. Together we are stronger, and we are proud to work with organizations that have missions tied to access and equity and are committed to creating and promoting spaces that are diverse, welcoming and inclusive.  These are just some examples of the ways we support and will continue to support schools, candidates and our broader graduate management education community in respecting and investing in diversity. 

We will also continue to promote opportunities for all, as well as support the efforts of business schools and other management education stakeholders around the world to dismantle barriers to true progress.

GMAC stands with you to challenge the status quo and create new paths as the business leaders of tomorrow. We will continue to listen to you and act with courage and creativity on what we hear. Thank you for allowing us to walk with you on your journey to business school and our journey to a better understanding of how we can work together towards a more just and equal world for all. 

The Graduate Management Admission Council 

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