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You Can Earn a GMAT Scholarship from Chinese Business Schools

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Business schools the world over use the GMAT™ exam as a tool for assessing candidates. For many schools in the United States and Europe, it’s a key part of the admissions process—but did you know it’s used in China as well?

While business schools in China are not able to use the GMAT for admission purposes, a high score on the exam can help you stand out from your competitors, and even motivate schools to offer you a scholarship.

Because of the rigorous nature of GMAT preparation and the skills that a high score demonstrates, the presence of a top score on your application communicates to admissions teams that you are not only intelligent, but that you are willing to go the extra mile to stand out.

“Take the GMAT before applying to top MBA colleges”

Jia Zhixiang, a 32-year-old MBA student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Antai College of Economics-Management (SJTU-ACEM), studied for the school’s own entrance exam alongside his GMAT preparation.

He did well on the school exam and also scored within the 98th percentile on the GMAT, with a score of 750. In light of this success, SJTU-ACEM offered him a scholarship of RMB 152,000 – 50 percent of the total program fee.

Jia believes that, far from hindering his preparations for the school exam, his GMAT studies helped him succeed. This is because of the similar methods of examination, and the similar skills they both reward, such as memory and concentration.

“I recommend candidates take the GMAT before applying to top MBA colleges such as Antai,” he says. “Many have policies that guarantee scholarships [for high GMAT scores], and besides, the GMAT is a perfect warm-up for the MBA curriculum in aspects such as multitasking, logic, analytical thinking, decision-making, and English learning.”

GMAT shows your competitiveness to employers

Not only can a GMAT scholarship make business school cheaper, it can also improve your experience once you arrive and start learning.

Jiantao Shi, a student on the Fudan International MBA at Fudan University School of Management with a background in real estate, received a GMAT scholarship worth RMB 319,800, a generous offer which encouraged him to enroll in the MBA program.

“Getting a good GMAT score also demonstrated my capabilities to my classmates and made a good impression, helping me with networking,” he says.

Lanchen Song is a 27-year-old MBA student at Guangha School of Management at Peking University. He had only three years’ work experience prior to his MBA, working in data analytics in the automobile sector, so he used the GMAT to level up his application.

Like Jia, Lanchen scored in the 98th percentile in the GMAT, earning himself a GMAT scholarship for the full cost of the MBA program.

“Receiving the GMAT scholarship will help you to experience more during your two-year full-time MBA study,” he says. “[You can] focus more on personal development without worrying about financial issues.

“Additionally, listing a record of a GMAT scholarship within your resume can also show your overall competitiveness to employers.”

Advice for GMAT-takers

If you think a GMAT scholarship could be the route for you, both students give sage advice about preparing for the exam.

For Lanchen, the key is perseverance. “I took the GMAT three times before reaching a competitive score, and my personal story is just another example illustrating the importance of the GMAT exam,” he says.

“I would suggest test-takers truly understand and digest the principles of GMAT questions using original GMAC materials. Additionally, discussing and learning through online forums is a great way to consolidate test skills.”

Jia, too, believes that persistence is key, and he emphasises the importance of self-belief when preparing your business school application.

“Try your best, even in practicing,” he says. “You are competing with your old thought. Believe in yourself and dive in—when you build strong GMAT thinking, you are ready for a top score and a top business school.”

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