The Cost of Business School and Your Financial Aid Options

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Business school can be expensive, but you have options.  

If you think a graduate business education is out of your reach financially, consider the return on your investment. Recent GMAC research shows that business school graduates are highly employable and enjoy valuable opportunities for career advancement.

First, consider exploring the following areas of financial aid:

  1. Employer reimbursement 
  2. Tax credits for US citizens 
  3. Grants and scholarships 
  4. Loans
  5. Federal Work Study 

Next, look at your budget and financial situation. Make concrete plans to reduce debt and expenses, pay down loans, and start saving money towards the cost of your education.

Finally, calculate the true cost of earning an MBA by determining your return on investment

Keep in mind that if you are interested in pursuing scholarships, it is important that you have both a strong academic background and GMAT score. 

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