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Where Do Chinese GMAT™ Examinees Want to Study Post-COVID?

Pumps on Platform

The enthusiasm of Chinese students to study business abroad remains high.

What are the strengths of business graduates? According to the 2020 Corporate Recruiters Survey Report from the Graduate Management Admission Council™ (GMAC™), strategic thinking, communication skills, and diversified skills are the top three strengths that give employers the most confidence in business school hires. Over the past two years, Chinese students who want to study abroad are increasingly choosing business, and business subjects represented by FAME (Finance, Accounting, Management, and Economics) are still the most popular subjects among Chinese students studying abroad.

According to data from EIC Education for the last three years (2018-2020), among all subjects the proportion of applications for business has been greatest, reaching 33 percent—a 2 percentage point increase from 2019. Among these applications, in terms of study destination, France had the highest proportion of applications for business, followed by Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Among business majors, finance (25%), general management (18%), and accounting (12%) ranked the top among Chinese students applying for a master's degree abroad. Meanwhile, business analysis (4%) became one of the top ten majors for postgraduate study abroad.

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