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Which Programs Accept the Executive Assessment?

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If you’re a driven professional with aspirations for higher-level positions, earning a graduate business degree like an MBA is a great option for you.

What’s holding you back may be that you don’t think you have the time to commit to preparing for and taking an admissions test to get into one of the competitive programs you have eyes set on.

Luckily for you, a growing number of world-renowned business school programs accept the Executive Assessment, the preferred admissions testing option for busy, experienced professionals like you who want an assessment that fits both your priorities and experience.

The Executive Assessment requires minimal preparation, provides maximum convenience and flexibility, and values your knowledge and real-world experience—all while giving you the opportunity and insights to sharpen your skills before your program begins.

Which program types accept the Executive Assessment?

At the time of the assessment’s launch, it was accepted by six business schools for use by their Executive MBA programs. However, it didn’t take long for the test’s popularity to rapidly grow, and it now supports over 200 programs—and not just Executive MBA programs, but also Part-Time, Online, Flexible, and even Full-Time MBA programs, in addition to select business master’s programs.

Below, gain a deeper sense of the variety of business school program types that your Executive Assessment results can open doors to.

Executive MBA programs

Executive MBA programs, with a focus on leadership, provide a holistic business education and boost your business skills, knowledge, and network. You’ll gain career-oriented insights into a range of subjects, including finance, marketing, accounting, and more. The course schedule is typically designed for busy executives, offered in evenings or at weekends, or during intensive study periods of usually one or two weeks, often combining online study with lively face-to-face interactions.

Check out the Program Finder pages for these Executive MBA programs that accept the Executive Assessment:

Part-Time MBA programs

Part-Time MBA programs allow you to stay in your job (and continue earning a salary) while providing you with the same management expertise and career benefits of a traditional full-time MBA program. Part-time programs typically attract experienced professionals who, due to lack of prior leadership or business experience, are less well suited to an Executive MBA.

Check out the Program Finder pages for these Part-Time MBA programs that accept the Executive Assessment:

Online and Flexible MBA programs

Online MBA programs bring the broad-based education of traditional, in-person MBA programs into the virtual space, allowing to you come your degree from wherever you have a strong internet connection. They end to attract older, more experienced candidates who are drawn to their convenience and affordability. Some schools also offer Flexible MBA programs, which allow students to alternate between their Online and in-person Part-Time programs.

Check out the Program Finder pages for these Online and Flexible MBA programs that accept the Executive Assessment:

Full-Time MBA programs

Full-time MBA programs remain the most popular way to complete an MBA. Full-time MBA applicants typically have 3-7 years’ experience at the time that they apply, and some are able to double their salaries in their first jobs post-MBA.

Check out the Program Finder pages for these Full-Time MBA programs that accept the Executive Assessment:

Business master’s programs

Business master’s programs refers to the broad category of typically pre-experience programs. This includes the generalist Master in Management, as well as specialist degrees, like the Master of Finance, Master of Accounting, and Master of Business Analytics.

Check out the Program Finder pages for these business master’s programs that accept the Executive Assessment:

Start your journey with free Executive Assessment prep

A great place to begin your prep is with the Executive Assessment Questions Sampler.

Use the sampler to get familiar with the variety and structure of the question types you will see on assessment day. It includes nine total questions for you to practice across Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning, and includes full answer explanations. Create an account and get free access the sampler for two weeks!