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School Expert Q&A: MISI

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Dr. Asad Ata

Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) classes are 90 to 100 percent international students.

Dr. Asad Ata has worked in the industry for twelve years on various Supply Chain IT, Telecom and e-Commerce projects. Dr. Ata’s research is based on exploring the topic of supply chains under emerging economies and high visibility supply chains. His research also includes optimization of large problems with flexible manufacturing capacity under uncertainty. His teaching interests are in the areas of logistics and supply chain management information systems.

Dr. Ata received his PhD in Operations Research from Southern Methodist University Dallas TX, US. He received his Masters in Computer Science from Arizona State University Tempe AZ, US. He completed his undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India.

Dr. Ata is a Research Affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, US. He has also been a visiting professor at MIT. He has served as a referee for the POMS Journal and is a member of Omega-Rho, the INFORMS honour society and POMS.

Dr. Ata answers your questions below.

About the Program
  • Name of the school: Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI)
  • School location: 2A, Persiaran Tebar Layar, Seksyen U8, Bukit Jelutong 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Year school started: 2011
  • Name of the program: MIT Malaysia Supply Chain Management Program

Admission Criteria

  • GMAT Score: Our average GMAT scores have been around 670 with a median of 680.
  • Work Experience Requirement: While students with three to eight years of work experience are in the best position to leverage the MSCM program, we have admitted students with less experience than this, including some directly from undergraduate studies.
  • English Proficiency Requirement: IELTS/TOEFL.
  • Recommendation: Three letters with at least one academic and one professional.
  • Interview/Group Discussion: A phone interview may be conducted on a case by case basis.

Application Process

  • How does one apply for the program?
  1. Download the MSCM Application Form
  2. Fill up the form (you can save the form on your computer and complete it in multiple steps as needed).
  3. Please make sure that all required fields have been filled and send the form to misi_admissions@misi.edu.my.
  4. CC to aata@misi.edu.my.
  5. After we have received the completed application form, we will review it and send you a confirmation that the electronic portion of the application process is complete.
  6. Please send the other required documents by mail to MISI as indicated on page four of the form to complete the application process.
  7. You will receive a confirmation when all formalities (electronic & mail portions) of the application are complete.
  • What is the application fee? Application fee waived for Fall 2016 Applicants.
  • Where do I get a copy of the application form?  You can download the form at the following link - https://www.misi.edu.my/full-time-master/.
  • When does the application process start? Typically application process starts after August every year for next year’s intake.
  • What is the last date to apply? January 30 and April 15; For Malaysian students, May 30.

Admission Process

  • Is there a requirement of 16 years of study prior to applying? No.
  • What constitutes work experience? Most of our students have relevant work experience in diverse fields after graduation from an undergraduate program.
  • Is there a minimum cut off for TOEFL/IELTS/PTE test scores? No.
  • Who should letters of recommendation come from? From your university and employers.
  • When should I expect an invitation for an interview? Interviews only if required.
  • Who should I contact if I have a question regarding my application status? Dr. Asad Ata, Director of Admissions. Email: aata@misi.edu.my.

Fees & Other Expenses

  • What is the estimated cost for the entire program for a foreign student? MYR 85,000 (approx. US$26,000 – covers tuition, travel & lodging at MIT for three to four weeks), travel to international site.
  • What is the cost of living for the duration of the programme? Recommended MYR 2,000 to MYR 3,000 per month for single students.
  • Are there other costs to be taken into consideration? If yes what? Student visa application, medical and insurance.
  • Are there any job opportunities on campus that can be pursued while the program is on, to lower the overall cost impact? No. We do offer fellowships that are independent of any work requirement. Individuals with student visa are not allowed to work in Malaysia.

Financial Support Options

  • What are the scholarship options available for the students? Yes, MISI offers various fellowship awards, which cover up to 75 percent of tuition fees.
  • What are the criteria for determining scholarship applications? Overall strength of the application, including GMAT scores, work experience, academic background, motivation for study.
  • What are the options of availing a loan? MISI does offer student loans, but this policy will be reviewed annually. Please check with the Admissions Director.
  • What is the amount of loan that a student is eligible for and what are the documents required? These are decided on a case by case basis. Please check with the Admissions Director.
  • At what rate of interest is the loan available? What is the date from which loan repayment begins? What is the maximum period in which a loan is to be repaid? Please check with the Admissions Director.

Curriculum/Faculty/Student Exchange/Hostel Accommodation Facilities of the School

  • How many intakes in a year and when? One (1) intake per year in August.
  • Size of the intake? Can range from 20 to 35 students.
  • What is the % of foreign students in an average class/intake? 100 percent international students body typically from 8 to 12 different countries.
  • What are the specializations available? Supply Chain Management.
  • What % of the batch finds jobs within 3 months of graduation? For MSCM class of 2013, 83 percent secured jobs before graduation.
  • What is the mean starting salary of a class after graduation? For MSCM class of 2013, the mean salary was US$68,779.
  • What are the key sectors represented in recruiters for this program? Logistics, FMCG, O&G, Food, Packaging, Healthcare, Consulting, Automotive, Retail, Agriculture, Electronics, Chemicals, Steel, Apparels.

For any further questions on admissions at Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation, write to aata@misi.edu.my.