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What Can I Do with a Master’s in Public Policy Degree?

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An MPP gives you varied options in both industry and job function. 

According to the jobs website The Muse, “An MPP is a mix of economics, statistics, policy research, and politics, so if you get a kick out of crossing disciplines, switching gears at a moment’s notice, and always learning something new, an MPP is absolutely for you.”1 

A business master’s degree in public policy (MPP) can be a valuable tool if you’re searching for a career with impact, influence, and fulfillment. It provides the skills and know-how to decipher complicated legislation, deliver innovative solutions, and contribute to policies that affect your peers, your community and on a national or international level. A master’s in public policy is a multidimensional degree that gives you varied options in both industry and job function. 

The obvious career track that most people think of is government employment. You can work alongside elected officials at the global, national, regional or local level on everything from campaigns to legislation to public relations. You may also choose the nonpolitical route and join an agency to manage projects, deploy communications, or analyze programs.2 In this sector, there are jobs and roles to fit nearly every interest, but your choices are not limited to the government space. 

As a Master of Public Policy, you can also contribute via public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Picture this: You join the Coca-Cola public policy engagement team, “helping to build sustainable communities.”3 You lead a team at a consulting firm managing projects that impact diverse clients and initiatives. Or, you choose to advocate on behalf of a nonprofit in support of issues and legislation that impact a cause about which you’re passionate. 

If this sounds like you, take the next step and use the Program Finder to search for programs offering a business master’s degree in public policy. 

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