Why I Chose the GMAT Exam

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Perline Li

The GMAT was challenging and fun!

My background was not originally in business. I started out studying life science and earth science in undergrad with the intention of going into the healthcare field. I then decided to specialize in dentistry. In Canada, where I live, dentistry is very competitive and it is all about positioning yourself properly. This means that business skills are vital to the success of my career. 

Additionally, since business touches every part of life, I wanted to get an education in order to understand it more. Having a Master’s in management seemed like a perfect fit for me. It gave me open and flexible career options. Therefore, if I really loved business I could go to healthcare administration, and if not, I could continue into a practical dentistry career. 

For the GMAT exam, I actually thought it was fun! For my program I could take the GMAT or GRE but I opted for GMAT because I liked the math section. I liked the format and how the questions adjusted to me – the computer adaptive software. It was challenging and was fun. I utilized a lot of the Official GMAT resources. On test day, if I were to give any advice, I would definitely say bring some snacks! Near the end of the exam I was hungry and burning out. If I had a little bit of food for fuel, it would have been that much better. The overall experience was really not too scary. Someone focused on pursuing a Master’s program could definitely handle it.

Why I decided to get a Masters in Management

"Business is fundamental no matter which career path you choose."

Why I chose the GMAT Exam

"I found that the GMAT exam was more suitable because I have a background in science."

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