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The Executive Assessment: Accepted Globally to Meet Your B-School Goals

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Your ambition knows no limits. Why should your business school assessment?

Whether you plan to pursue an Executive MBA from a business school near you, an Online MBA from a school across the country, or you plan to travel to earn an Executive Master’s in a different hemisphere, the Executive Assessment is accepted globally to help you accomplish your business school goals.

Here’s four reasons the Executive Assessment is the preferred assessment option for ambitious working professionals like you who want to invest in themselves with a graduate business school degree.

1. Leading business schools trust the Executive Assessment

From the makers of the GMAT™ exam, the Executive Assessment has a pedigree that schools recognize and trust as the gold standard of admissions exams.

Business schools value that the Executive Assessment provides them with a reliable snapshot of your readiness to succeed in their programs and provides test takers like you with the actionable takeaways based on your results that can help you sharpen your skills before your program begins.

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2. The Executive Assessment values your experience

The Executive Assessment values the knowledge and real-world experience you will bring to the program. It evaluates the data-driven skills you use every day that are critical both at work and in your business program.

The best part: it requires minimal prep, is easy to schedule, can be taken online or at a test center, and takes just 90 minutes to complete.

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3. A diverse mix of innovative programs types to choose from

Over the last decade, in response to increased demand from working professionals like you who recognize the critical importance of being lifelong learners, business schools around the world have dramatically expanded their program portfolios to a wide array of program types delivered in different formats.

Technological and curricular innovations, designed to teach the skills for the future of management to the next generation of corporate leaders, have resulted in new and exciting twists on the traditional business school experience.

Your programs options are vast when you choose to take the Executive Assessment, which is accepted by Executive MBA, Online MBA, Part-Time MBA, Hybrid MBA, and Executive Master’s programs.

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4. Accepted in more than 100 countries

With COVID-19 vaccines now being rolled out globally, we can expect the world to open up again at some point this year for international travel. The question is: where in the world will you want to get your MBA or Executive Master’s in 2021?

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Another great feature of the Executive Assessment is that it doesn’t limit your international business school aspirations. In fact, it’s accepted in business school programs in over 100 countries around the world.

Expert tips for finding your best fit program as a working professional

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