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Why Women Are Successful in Business

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Why get an MBA? This question resonates even more for women since four inherent skills make them successful business leaders.

While it’s important to possess technical capabilities, interpersonal skills are increasingly more valuable in today’s global workplace. Luckily women are innately equipped with four of the essential attributes that foster business success. In fact, companies with women who are MBA graduates in leadership roles see a 42 percent higher return on sales.

Women with MBAs are effective communicators

According to Forbes, the top three female communication strengths are: the ability to read body language and nonverbal cues; good listening skills; and effective displays of empathy. Women use these skills as powerful leaders in the workplace to open discussions and speak from a place of trust and transparency. Such skills also help at the negotiating table, where we can read the situation and apply that knowledge to advance mediation.

Women excel at building workplace relationships

A post from Entrepreneur notes that building a successful business means focusing on establishing relationships with three key audiences: customers, influencers, and competitors. Women have historically spent their lives creating families and building a home for them. These experiences help us cultivate workplace relationships. We use our social skills to build trust with our colleagues and develop rapport with our partners. Former US Senator Barbara Boxer affirms, “Women do have a more inclusive way of leading. We try to bring more people along with us.” Women also foster effective relationships when it comes to networking and tend to flourish when part of professional organizations for women in business, such as the National Association of Women MBAs.

Professional women solve problems

According to the Caliper study of the Qualities that Distinguish Women Leaders, women leaders are more assertive and persuasive; have a stronger need to get things done; and are more willing to take risks than male leaders. This approach to leadership helps women better facilitate collaboration and information-sharing. Women often choose to discuss possible solutions with more people and, in turn, gain more facts and perspectives. Combine this with a keen sense of nonverbal communication, and it’s no surprise that women, especially those with an MBA, are better positioned to make informed decisions to solve problems.

Emotional intelligence makes women successful in business

Psychology Today reports that emotional intelligence includes four parts: self-awareness, managing emotions, empathy, and social skills. Women have the capacity to tap into these skills to help navigate complex situations, support colleagues, and manage behaviors and expectations. Emotional intelligence also helps us identify and connect with others from a place of empathy and understanding. People who excel in emotional empathy make good counselors, teachers, and group leaders because of this ability to immediately sense how others are reacting.

Lead and Succeed as an MBA Woman

Should I get an MBA? After reading about how women possess many distinguishing qualities that can set us up for success in business, let’s hope the answer is a resounding “YES!” Our unique aptitudes are valuable to recruiters and help companies achieve growth through thoughtful communication, meaningful relationships, and high emotional intelligence that fosters teamwork and connection.

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