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COVID-19 Provides Opportunity to Begin Your Online Degree

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As we adjust to COVID-19, social distancing, and local mandates to mitigate coronavirus risk, we may find ourselves with more time at home, fewer travel or social plans, and even more drastic changes like reduced hours at work or unemployment. Following the initial shock at the onset of the pandemic, most people are adjusting to the idea that this situation may be the “new normal,” and as a result are considering their next move.

To make the most of economic downturns or other unpredictable changes in personal circumstances, many people turn to upskilling, networking, and finding ways to stand out in a large applicant pool. Business school can help with all these tasks while also providing the rigor and consistency that most people need in order to be successful.

Business school ensures that learning objectives are met—for both the individual and the employer. With more downtime, you may be tempted to try self-structured, piecemeal learning options; however, gradually progressing and increasing your knowledge in a way that builds over time is an art and a science. Formal business programs know which skills you need and can provide them. Also, the value of a renowned business school on your resume stays with you forever. When an interviewer ten years later looks at your resume, they are confident about the type of knowledge you acquired in a recognizable degree program.

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Increasingly, digital options make business school accessible no matter where you live--even amid pandemics. Although the future can seem volatile or uncertain, a broad, generalist degree like an MBA is irreplaceable in a world that can change overnight. An MBA will increase the types of opportunities within your reach, provide ample opportunities to hone skills for any business environment, and introduce you to a network that is willing to help a fellow alum.

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Asynchronous learning—coursework that can be done on your own time, meeting deadlines along the way—makes it easy to earn your degree if you are still employed full-time. Although in-person learning may have been preferable in 2019, recent events have proven that an online MBA may be more reliable, and you don’t necessarily need to forego all in-person interactions.

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In the end, life events and economic realities intersect with decisions like graduate school. These milestones may supply the perfect time to start your business master’s degree.

Remote options are increasingly popular and many barriers have been lifted. Now the question is up to you: Should I start today? If the answer is yes, create your mba.com profile to get started.

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