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Infographic: Careers with a Business Master’s Degree

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Before applying to business school, you should think about the career you want to pursue with your degree.

Have you considered the wide range of careers possible with a business master’s degree?  There are so many exciting opportunities for those looking to enhance their careers or even switch the field. While an MBA or general Master in Management opens doors to many careers, specialized master’s programs are tailored to specific industries and job functions. Business master’s degrees open up a world of possibilities for graduates with the kind of specialized education many employers are seeking today.  

But, with so many programs available, it can be challenging to identify the degree that will best serve you and your career goals. Discover the best program type for your career by following the infographic below, specially designed by and for prospective students. You’ll identify your interests and learn which master’s programs are most popular for specific industries and job functions. 

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