Meet Students: GMAT Test-Taking Advice

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Preparing for the GMAT exam can seem intimidating, but if you plan ahead and study smart, you can succeed. As you’ll hear from these graduate business students, solid GMAT preparation is a key part of the overall application process. Get tips on preparing for the GMAT exam and firsthand advice on why the GMAT is such an important part of your business school application.

Shailesh Kumar

Recommendations for GMAT Preparation

From brushing up on quantitative skills to using the GMAT® Official Guide, these students share their tips on how they prepared for the GMAT exam.

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Rajat Mathur

The Importance of the GMAT Exam in Admissions

Graduate business schools around the world use the GMAT exam as a predictor of your ability to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

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Matt Rowenczak

What to Expect When Taking the GMAT Exam

Student video blogger Matt Rowenczak shares his tips on what's needed to succeed on the GMAT exam.

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Pooja Jain

GMAT Test-Taking Strategies from Students

In this video, students talk candidly about how they prepared for the GMAT and what they would do differently.

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