Integrated Reasoning Section

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The Integrated Reasoning section measures your ability to evaluate information presented in multiple formats from multiple sources – skills you need to succeed in our technologically advanced, data-driven world.

Integrated Reasoning Sample Question Types

Expect four question types during the Integrated Reasoning section: graphics interpretation, two-part analysis, table analysis, and multi-source reasoning.

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Integrated Reasoning Skills in the Workplace

Find out more about the Integrated Reasoning Section of the GMAT exam.

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IR Prep Tool

IR Prep Tool

Another official study tool featuring 48 IR items and answer explanations, unlimited practice sessions, customizable question sets, and tools to practice pacing.

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You’re Going to Need it in School, on the Job, and on the GMAT Exam: Integrated Reasoning

Nearly 70 percent of GMAT test takers said Integrated Reasoning skills are relevant to both graduate management education and the corporate environment.

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“Big Data” Defines Next Generation Jobs

The rise of social media and an abundance of information are driving the demand for managers with great data analysis skills.

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Bill Sandefer

Schools Value Integrated Reasoning

Schools are in the business of developing leaders with important skills like the ability to take in large amounts of data and make sound decisions in a rapidly changing environment.

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Sharpen Your IR Skills and Stand Out From the Crowd

Integrated Reasoning has become an important part of the GMAT exam because it tests the skills you need to succeed in a business school classroom.

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