What Others Are Saying About the GMAT

The GMAT exam is a trusted part of the admissions process of more than 7,000 business and management programs worldwide. Quality programs use the GMAT to inform their admissions decisions, and if you're serious about going to business school, the GMAT is your best first step toward a career with impact. 

Read what others are saying about the GMAT exam and why its a valued part of the admissions process. 

Why the GMAT Is Important

“The GMAT is a known and trusted tool that is fully engrained in the MBA admissions of business schools worldwide."
Wendy Flynn, MBA Admissions Coach

Learn more about what the GMAT does for schools and why it matters from Wendy Flynn, an MBA admissions coach and former director of MBA admissions at Texas A&M University. 



“We prefer using the GMAT instead of the GRE so we have a global basis for comparison.”
Craig Hubbell, Director of Operations for MBA Admissions, UCLA Anderson

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"The GMAT is looked at more favorably, no matter what schools say publicly."
Dan Bauer, CEO and founder of The MBA Exchange

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What Integrated Reasoning Really Tests 

"Integrated Reasoning very closely matches the skill sets that we require for people to succeed in a modern business school classroom." 
Oliver Ashby, senior manager of Recruitment and Admissions, London Business School

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Jessica StillmanHow to Get Accepted to Business School with a Rock Star Career But Crappy Undergrad

"If you flubbed your college years, your GMAT counts more than ever." 

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