The GMAT Enhanced Score Report: New and Improved Features

Sep 15, 2016
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Since its launch in January 2016, the GMAT® Enhanced Score Report (ESR) has put test takers in control of their performance by giving them an in-depth review of their scores and insight into their test-taking skills, as well as surveyed users to find what information would help them feel more confident the next time they sit for the GMAT exam.

We took those suggestions and now have a new, enhanced version of the GMAT® ESR! The report has several new features that will provide better ways to leverage your test data to improve understanding of your GMAT exam performance. Click here to view a live ESR Demo.

The enhancements include, three new tables that show your performance as you progress through the verbal and quantitative sections.  Each of the tables alone provides great information, but combined offers valuable insight into your testing experience.

Percentage Correct

Knowing the percentage of questions answered, correctly and incorrectly, helps you understand how you earned your score. This chart along with the Average Difficulty chart shows if your performance was dictated by the difficulty the questions. In addition, this chart combined with the Time Management chart shows if your performance was impacted by how well you paced your responses at the test center.


Level of Difficulty

The ability to see the average difficulty per question helps you understand how well you performed on more difficult questions or if you even earned the opportunity to see the difficult questions in the first place.


Time Management

Understanding how much time you spent on each question aids in determining if you adhered to your time management plan.  Some people plan to spend extra time on questions they don’t understand, while others are determined to answer questions quickly in order to have extra time for questions they don’t understand.  The time management section will let you know if you were true to your plan.


The Help section has also been updated to provide information about how to read each tab and other frequently asked questions. In addition, we changed the time format in the time management section to minutes and seconds, allowing easier readability.  

With the addition of these new features, the GMAT® ESR will help you better understand your performance, its potential impact on your graduate school applications and focus your study efforts for a future sitting of the exam.

Click here to get your newly updated Enhanced Score Report