Questions You'll Want to Think About Before Business School

Dec 15, 2015
Tags: Business School, Career, Choosing the Right School

Pursuing an MBA or graduate business degree is a major life decision.  There are many considerations to think about as you take the initial steps to getting that degree. Let us help you consider how it will affect your personal, professional and academic life as well as how you would like a graduate business degree to shape your goals.

Take our business school self assessment to think through those critical questions. Contemplating them now can also help as you write your application essays and interview at schools. 

Attending b-school will have an impact on your personal life, including your personal development, time, location, finances and family.  Now is a good time to define your personal goals as it relates to getting a graduate business degree.

b-school self assessment

It will also broaden your horizons and catapult you into a whole new sphere, leading to major career shifts. Let’s think about how your professional life will be impacted and what you envision your career to look like in the future.

b-school self assessment  

Another major consideration is what your academic expectations are and how you want business education to help you achieve your goals.  

b-school self assessment