Five Tips from GMAC on Using GMATPrep® v2.2 to Study More Effectively

Mar 26, 2013
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Submitted by Rebecca Loades, director, New Product Development, Graduate Management Admission Council  

Studying for the GMAT exam involves making sure you have the basic skills you need, understand the question formats, and know how to pace yourself. The free GMATPrep® software, which includes two computer adaptive practice exams featuring retired GMAT questions, is a key part of any study strategy. It gives you experience taking the exam. Now, the software from the makers of the GMAT exam has been upgraded to help test takers prepare for the exam more efficiently and effectively. 

GMATPrep v2.2, compatible with Macintosh and Windows, has been revised based in part on feedback from test takers and test preparation companies. The new version includes several new features, including tools to help you review your responses, analyze your scores, keep track of your pacing, and customize practice sessions by type and difficulty of questions. Five study tips for using GMATPrep v2.2 to study more effectively: 

1. Work on your pacing: When answering practice questions, monitor your pace using the timer tools available at the bottom of the screen. These tools compare your time for individual practice questions and the practice question set against the pace needed to complete the GMAT exam in time. Remember, everyone is expected to miss some questions. 

2. Customize your practice sets: Concentrate on the question types you need to work on and target your ability level. GMATPrep v2.2 allows you to specify exactly how many questions of each type and difficulty level you want to answer by creating your own question set (click the “More options” button under “Practice answering questions” to access this feature). 

3. Learn from your mistakes: Carefully review your responses to practice question sessions and practice exams to understand the reasoning behind the questions, evaluate your areas of weakness, and avoid making the same logical mistakes. 

4. Evaluate performance using reports: Use three progress reports to gain insight into areas of strength and weakness.

  • The Summary Report brings together results from multiple practice sessions to help you evaluate percentage correct and average difficulty.
  • The Performance by Type report allows you to drill down and evaluate results by question type and difficulty.
  • How You Managed Your Time helps you understand whether you are on track to complete the GMAT exam in time or if you need to work on your pacing.
5. Practice, practice, practice: Although logging studying hours doesn’t guarantee you a higher GMAT score, GMAC research shows those who score higher on the GMAT exam tend to spend more time studying. 

GMATPrep v2.2 software is available for download at If you have registered a previous version, you will see an “Update Available” message at the top right of the home screen, which will take you to the download page. You can get access to 404 additional retired GMAT exam questions, not found in any other prep product, by purchasing the GMATPrep Question Pack 1. The pack contains 200 Quantitative, 180 Verbal, and 24 Integrated Reasoning practice questions.

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GMATPrep 5 Tips to Use GMATPrep v2.2 to Study More Effectively