The GMAT and Preventing Cheating

Nov 8, 2011
Tags: Official GMAT, Test Security

GMAC is committed to ensuring that the security of the GMAT exam is protected and that the fairness of the exam as a tool for admissions is assured, no matter where in the world or when the exam is taken.  We do this because we believe no individual test taker should lose an opportunity to earn a graduate management degree to someone else who took an unfair advantage or cheated on the exam.

We understand the value of a management education degree, whether it’s an MBA or a specialized Masters Degree, and we know too how gaining this education can make a difference in a career and a life. GMAC’s commitment to test takers is that we will continue to enhance measures to prevent and detect cheating on the exam. Additionally, when we detect cheating, GMAC will cancel scores and notify score report recipients.

To learn more about how GMAC is working to protect the GMAT exam, secure fairness for every test taker and, invest in security technology and practices click here.