On The MBA Show: How to Beat the New GMAT*

Jun 30, 2011
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Last summer, we gave you a peek at a new section we’re working on for the GMAT exam. In June 2012, the GMAT will measure something it’s never measured before: Integrated Reasoning, the ability to manipulate and interpret data from different types of sources.

This summer, GMAC CEO Dave Wilson sat down with Tom and Miro, the MIT Sloan hosts for The MBA Show to talk about the new section. What will the MBA student of the future look like? Who will do well on Integrated Reasoning? What’s Dave got to offer for Tom and Miro’s “Business School Tip of the Week”? Watch the video to find out:

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Key facts about the Next Generation GMAT:

  • Integrated Reasoning—a new 30-minute section—will launch in June 2012.
  • Total, Quant, and Verbal score scales will not change—Integrated Reasoning results will generate a separate score.
  • Test takers will only see one 30-minute Analytical Writing Assessment prompt instead of two (but it could be Analysis of an Issue or Analysis of an Argument).
  • The length of the test will remain the same.

Want to know more? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions on mba.com.

* Spoiler: Dave doesn’t really tell Tom and Miro how to beat the test. The GMAT exam is a challenge, one designed specifically to reflect the challenge that is graduate business school. The new Integrated Reasoning section will be part of that challenge—b-school faculty are looking for this skill, and the Next Generation GMAT will tell them how you measure up.

-Bob Ludwig, GMAC Director, Media and Public Affairs