New York Times Education Life Section Features Next Gen GMAT Pop Quiz

Jul 25, 2011
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The New York Times’ Education Life section, which hit newsstands on Sunday, July 24, and is available online, featured in its Pop Quiz a preview of the Integrated Reasoning section that will be part of the GMAT exam beginning in June 2012.

Created especially for the Times, the preview includes three of the four new question types that will be part of the new section: multi-source reasoning, graphics interpretation, and two-part analysis. The fourth question type is table analysis.

Take the pop quiz and get a feel for what the new integrated reasoning questions are like.

Integrated Reasoning tests the ability to analyze information, draw conclusions and discern relationships between data points and from multiple sources, such as charts, graphs, and spreadsheets, just as students must do in business school.

The GMAT Verbal, Quantitative and Total Scores will not change. Test takers will receive a separate score for the essay, as they do now, and for the new Integrated Reasoning section. The overall length of the GMAT exam (three and a half hours) will not change. When the Integrated Reasoning section is added, the Analytical Writing assessment will be streamlined to include only one 30-minute essay instead of two.


-Bob Ludwig, Director, Media and Public Affairs