Ask The Expert: What do you want to know about b-school admissions?

Jul 6, 2011
Tags: Admissions, Applications, Business School

Have you been reading our Ask The Expert blog? That’s where admissions professionals—the people reading your application package—answer some of the common questions they hear from prospective b-school students. Check out some of the recent posts from experts at Clemson at the Falls, Pepperdine, and University at Buffalo School of Management:

You have been accepted to more than one MBA program. Now how do you choose? 

Which b-school will give you the tools you need for success? Gail DePriest, director of corporate relations & leadership development for Clemson MBA tells you how to select the right b-school program for you. 

How do I research and negotiate scholarship opportunities and loans? 

B-school is a huge financial investment in your future. See what Natasha Kobrinsky, director of student financial services at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management has to say about anticipating and managing the cost of your graduate business degree. 

I'm starting a program this fall. How do I start networking with my new classmates? 

Your classmates will be a critical part of your b-school experience…and your professional network. David W. Frasier, assistant dean at the University at Buffalo School of Management, gives you the scoop on connecting early and often. 

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