“Official GMAT” Mobile App Lets You Study on the Go

Dec 15, 2011
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You can keep up your GMAT preparation whenever you have a little downtime with the “Official GMAT” mobile app for iPhone, iPad, or Android.

A mobile version of the best-selling Official Guide to GMAT® Review book series, the app is the only mobile app with actual, retired GMAT questions—and full answer explanations—from the makers of GMAT exam.

Most importantly, the app behaves like the GMAT exam, presenting questions as they appear on the test and providing a question timer. These features make it convenient to master two of the most important aspects of GMAT test preparation: Getting familiar with the GMAT question formats and being able to pace yourself.

Because it was designed specifically to measure academic skills needed in management programs, the GMAT exam includes question formats you may not have seen on other standardized tests. Data Sufficiency, for example, is a question format created specifically for the GMAT exam, and it’s still unique to the test. You don’t have to solve a Data Sufficiency problem; you just have to determine exactly what data you need to solve it. Practicing with Data Sufficiency and other retired GMAT questions will help you go into your test appointment focused on answering the questions rather than learning how they work.

And pacing, of course, is vital. The GMAT exam is a timed test, and if you run out of time, you won’t earn any points for the questions you didn’t get to see. You’ll have approximately two minutes to answer each Quantitative question and 1 minute, 45 seconds for each Verbal question. Simply getting a feel for how to pace yourself so you can finish each section within the allotted time will go a long way toward performing your best when you sit for the test.

The “Official GMAT” mobile app lets you answer GMAT questions wherever and whenever you want. It includes “Exam” and “Practice” modes to allow you the option of seeing answer explanations after each question. Performance tracking lets you track your guesses as well as your performance on each group of questions, so you can see if you are improving, and an exam date “countdown reminder” will keep your test appointment in mind.

The iPhone and iPad versions also use Apple’s Game Center feature. To get your competitive juices going, the Game Center lets you compare how you’re doing with other app users.

The initial app includes 50 questions found in the Official Guide to GMAT Review, 12th Edition and is available for US$4.99 in the iTunes store and the Android Marketplace. Three additional packs of 250 questions, also from the printed Official Guide, are available for US$9.99 each.