GMAT Score Report Update: Cancelled Scores

Dec 9, 2009
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As you probably know, you have the opportunity to view your scores after you complete your exam and then choose whether to accept or cancel your scores at the test center on the day of your test. However, sometimes GMAC cancels scores on the day of the test or afterwards.

On occasion, GMAT scores are cancelled because of security breaches, misconduct, or other violations by the test taker. Schools receiving the score reports have not been able to see why scores were cancelled.

GMAC doesn’t want schools or test takers to draw the wrong conclusions. In the near future, we will show the reason a score has been cancelled on all score reports. This change will be applied retroactively.

GMAC will provide reason codes for any GMAT score that is cancelled in the interest of full disclosure and to assist schools make informed decisions. These reasons include:

C    (Self-Canceled) Effective July 19, 2015: The “C” that represents a candidate’s cancelled scores will not be shown on any future GMAT score reports generated by GMAC. For more on this policy change, click here.

T    (Testing Issue)

P    (Policy Violation)

S    (Serious Violation)

This update to the GMAT score report may not affect the vast majority of the GMAT test takers, but it will help prevent misinterpretation of score cancellations.


Test Date




Analytical Writing

02 August 2008

35 / 76%

32 / 36%

560 / 58%

5.5 / 90%

18 August 2007

35 / 76%

32 / 36%

560 / 58%

5.5 / 90%

22 February 2006





09 January 2006

38 / 32%

32 / 45%

555 / 51%

5.1 / 82%

25 June 2005

35 / 31%

33 / 44%

555 / 50%

5.1 / 83%

A detailed explanation of these reason codes is illustrated below.

Cancellation Codes