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Official Guide for GMAT Review Corrections

Jul 21, 2016
Tags: GMAT Prep, Official GMAT, Official Guides

We have discovered errors in our 2017 Official Guide for GMAT Review, and are taking steps to minimize the impact on those preparing for the exam.
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User's Guide to Full-Time MBA Rankings

Jul 11, 2016
Tags: Business School, Career, Find a Job

Our guide breaks down business school rankings to help you make the right choice. Learn how ranking methods differ among publications.
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An MBA Opens Doors to a Variety of Careers

May 26, 2016
Tags: Business School, Career, Find a Job

There’s no limit to what you can accomplish with an MBA. Discover where graduates are succeeding across a wide array of industries and job functions.
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Developing Your Career Means Adding New Skill Sets

Apr 21, 2016
Tags: Career, Find a Job

GMAC surveyed more than 11,000 business school alumni to understand what skills are most essential in today’s workforce. Find out the results.
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