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Is B-School Worth It? Ask the Class of 2016

Feb 28, 2017
Tags: Business School, Value of an MBA

GMAC researchers last fall surveyed the class of 2016, and received valuable feedback. Here’s what they had to say!
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Scholarships Can Help Offset the Cost of Your Degree, But You Need to Know How to Find Them

Nov 9, 2016
Tags: Financial Aid, Value of an MBA

A great way to help offset the cost of your degree is scholarships—which some candidates either overlook or simply don’t realize the extent to which they are available.
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Alumni Report Lifelong Returns on the B-School Investment

Feb 25, 2016
Tags: Business School, Value of an MBA

A good investor or entrepreneur understands the full cost of an investment before making it. The same holds true for making the decision to invest in graduate management degree.
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What Will You Make After Your Degree? Estimate Your Post-MBA Salary

Jul 20, 2015
Tags: Business School, Corporate Recruiters, Find a Job, Value of an MBA

Using data from more than 6,600 alumni, we built a tool to estimate the salary you can expect after attaining your MBA.
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