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Sharpen Your IR Skills and Stand Out From the Crowd

Jun 20, 2013
Tags: GMAT Prep, Integrated Reasoning

Integrated Reasoning has become an important part of the admissions decision and the hiring process.
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Sweet Spots in 2013 Job Market for MBAs, Master's Grads

May 30, 2013
Tags: Career, Find a Job, Official GMAT

Employer hiring of MBA and business master's degree-holders is increasing.
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Looking Beyond Cost

Apr 18, 2013
Tags: Financial Aid, Official GMAT, Value of an MBA

World economic indicators all point to a growing demand for master-level business degrees.
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Five Tips from GMAC on Using GMATPrep® v2.2 to Study More Effectively

Mar 26, 2013
Tags: GMAT Prep, Official GMAT

GMATPrep® has been upgraded to help you study for the GMAT exam more efficiently and effectively.
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