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The GMAT Enhanced Score Report: New and Improved Features

Sep 15, 2016
Tags: GMAT Prep, Official GMAT, Score Reports, Study Tips for the GMAT

The Enhanced Score Report has several new features that will provide better ways to leverage your test data to improve understanding of your GMAT exam performance.
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Official Guide for GMAT Review Corrections

Jul 21, 2016
Tags: GMAT Prep, Official GMAT, Official Guides

We have discovered errors in our 2017 Official Guide for GMAT Review, and are taking steps to minimize the impact on those preparing for the exam.
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GMAT® Official Practice Exams 5 & 6: Boost Your GMAT® Prep with Two More Full-Length Practice Exams

Mar 23, 2016
Tags: GMAT Prep, Official GMAT, Official Guides

Prepare for your best GMAT® exam with two additional, full-length computer-adaptive practice exams in GMATPrep® Exam Pack 2.
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GMAT® Cancel/Reinstate Features Offer Convenience and Control for Greater Confidence

Mar 10, 2016
Tags: GMAT Appointment, GMAT Test Center, Official GMAT

GMAC, the maker of the GMAT® exam, has introduced an extended cancel and score reinstate policy that gives you more options and control of your GMAT experience— and confidence in your decision-making process.
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