Min Huang, Sauder School of Business, Class of 2015

Nov 7, 2014
Tags: b-school, entrepreneurship, GMAT exam

"Preparing for the GMAT will help you in the classroom." 

Min HuangDream career: International Business

Why Business School? Fast-track my career, take me to where I dream of, expose me to invaluable resources and connection.

Best GMAT study tip? Go with the study materials published by renowned publishers. Also, practice EVERYTHING available on the mba.com website. Have your own “mistakes booklet” for final reference. Make a mistake once, but never twice.

Before business school, I was:  a BA student in English Business Communication with a strong business mindset.

When I’m not in class, you’ll find me: As an energetic dancer, a DIY cook, and outdoor sports lover.

Advice for anyone thinking about b-school? Be physically and mentally prepared for the demanding academic workload and the abundant networking events. You are here to learn and get connected. Both are important, so be wise budgeting your time and energy.

My remedy for pre-test nerves: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Be reminded that it is not cheap so make your full efforts.

On the day before your exam, you should: Practice a sample test at the time slot that you are to take the actual exam with proper pace, not a new one though, which will make you more nervous if you did badly at it. Have plenty of sleep, eat a healthy diet and just go for it!

What was your biggest personal hurdle in preparing for the exam, and how did you overcome it? Procrastination. List all the things you will have to do to get prepared by exactly how much time you need to finish them. Then compare with the actual time available to get the pressure to stay efficient.

Why did you decide to take the GMAT exam? How did you fit studying for the GMAT exam into your busy schedule? I wanted to go to first-tier business schools and writing a GMAT test is a prerequisite. Getting a decent GMAT score is important for admission, especially for international students. Learn to prioritize and stay efficient. Work smart rather than work hard.

How do you think you will use the skills you developed preparing for the GMAT exam in business school? Everything in the GMAT test is relevant in my study in business school. The analytical and critical thinking skills are crucial, let alone the basic number-crunching skills. Cracking the test itself is a great experience and preparation for getting yourself used to the challenging business school life.

Preparing for the GMAT Prepares You for the Classroom

"Preparing for the GMAT helped me in my coursework."