Finnbar Cornwall, Class of 2014

Jan 22, 2014
Tags: b-school, work-life balance

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My name is Finnbar Cornwall, I’m in the class of 2014 at London Business School. I’m British and grew up in the UK, but I spent the five years before the MBA living overseas. Before my MBA, I worked for the British government as a diplomat and for UBS in strategy and general management roles. As a diplomat I served in London and the Middle East, and at UBS I worked in Hong Kong, first for the Asia Pacific Chairman and CEO and then running a strategic projects team in Finance reporting to the Asia Pacific CFO.

I came to business school to make a career transition away from Financial Services, to get a world-class education, and for an MBA experience. I’m happy to say I’ve achieved all of these things at London Business School! Professionally, I’ve had incredible career opportunities—I’ve undertaken internships working for a senior MP, was a summer associate at McKinsey, and did a three-month internship at Google. Educationally I’ve learned a huge amount during my first year and have really enjoyed being intellectually challenged in one of the best MBA programs in the world. Personally, I’ve had the full MBA experience. Everyone’s experience is unique, but mine has included meeting an incredible range of people. London Business School is very diverse and attracts people from all over the world. Getting involved in a vibrant student community and the birth of my first child are just two of the highlights so far.

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